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Ср, 14 дек, 2016, 01:46

Somebody got inside the iron fence and did spray paint all over the wall. She could never figure out what all that writing said. It looked like just names or something. But they write it so funny you can’t see what they’re trying to write. They never say Fuck You or anything. They just write these strange things like there’s something they know that nobody else knows...

— Robert Pirsig, «Lila»

Ср, 14 дек, 2016 10:11 (UTC)

вот это да! 42 на двери не сразу заметил, имеет смысл

Ср, 14 дек, 2016 10:48 (UTC)

Прием избитый, но число хорошее — грех было не воспользоваться (: