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Сб, 27 мар, 2010, 00:37
С нами крестная сила

Коллега-археолог — хороший человек — поделился находкой, раскопанной им в дебрях трассировки 10046. Не могу не предать гласности сей шедевр:

-- bless_next_init-
--   Only a few Oracle FND developers will ever call this routine.
--   Because it is so rare that anyone would ever call this
--   routine, we aren't going to document it so as not to
--   confuse people.  All you need to know is that calling this
--   routine incorrectly can easily cause showstopper problems
--   even for code outside your product.  So just don't call it
--   unless you have been told to do so by an Oracle FND
--   development manager.
--   in argument:
--      permission_code- if you have permission to call this
--                       you will have been given a unique code
--                       that only you are allowed to pass to
--                       confirm that your call is permitted.
--   see the internal oracle document for more details:
--   http://www-apps.us.oracle.com/atg/plans/r115x/contextintegrity.txt
procedure bless_next_init(permission_code in varchar2);